Silk Road Histories: SRH series

Highlights the developments of land and seaborne trade and connectivity between Asia and Europe over the past four thousand years

China’s Belt and Road: BRI series

Examines the policies of China’s Belt and Road initiative, as well as those of other countries, and the reaction to them

New Silk Roads NSR series

Explores the overland developments in trade and infrastructure on the Eurasian land-mass between China and Europe

Maritime Silk Road: MSR series

Analyses developments in trade and shipping on the trade routes between Asia and Europe, and the supply-lines feeding into these

The Belt and Road Institute in Sweden

We have had permission from the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden to share their podcasts with you.

Sri Lanka’s Role in The Belt and Road Initiative

Interview with Yasiru Ranaraj, marine transport technology expert, Sri Lanka.

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Facts v Fiction

Interview with Shakeel Ramay, from the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Pakistan.

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EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investments

Host Hussein Askary interview with Henry Tillman, founder of China Investment Research.

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