The electronic libraries offer instant access to hundreds of free on-line reports and resources. It is designed for the use by teachers and by students looking for inspiration for essays and theses.

The Belt and Road Initiative (version 5.0) – This collection examines the geo-politics of trade and infrastructure in the context of China’s BRI, and the international response. It also examines developments along the Eurasian land routes.

The Maritime Silk Road – This collection is devoted to the developments of international trade and shipping, and on the main ports, between Asia and Europe.

The Digital Silk Road – This collection concentrates on the construction of the hard infrastructure of the internet, as well as the struggle for technological leadership. 

The Arctic Silk Road – This collection follows the challenges and opportunities afforded by the melting icecaps for resource exploitation and shipping routes.

The Health Silk Road (version 2.0) – This collection makes a start in the collection of materials relating to the origins of China’s ‘health silk road’ initiative and its response to the COVID Pandemic.

China and Africa – China’s involvement in Africa predates its BRI initiative. This collection gathers some of the materials analysing the challenge that this represents.

China and South America – With more and more countries in South America and the Caribbean signing up for the BRI, this collection explores some of the issues involved.

Historical Texts – This collection offers over 40 historical texts in transplantation. Hosted by University of Washington