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eLibrary: China and Africa

Version 1.0. September 2020


Richard T. Griffiths (Leiden University) 

This is the latest version of an electronic library of resources on the China’s engagement in Africa. It is composed of free, open on-line resources and, to keep the library manageable, it omits individual country studies. The library is intended to offer support to teachers and students studying the BRI as part of their undergraduate education and to act as a springboard to individual projects. The core of the New Silk Roads project has been focussed on Eurasia (and the original list published by by the National Development and Reform Commission). However, China’s presence in Africa predates the Belt and Road initiative and continues strongly to the present. Any suggestions will be welcome.

The IIAS ‘New Silk Road’ project has over 800 researchers wanting to engage in collaborative teaching and research. The project help facilitate making new connections. To join, please write at the email address above.


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