About Us

The New Silk Road project is dedicated to promoting fact-based research and education on national and international efforts to improve the infrastructure and connectivity among the countries of Asia and Europe.

We too are fed up with the smoke and mirrors that passes for informed comment these days, especially where China is concerned. Our four-pronged approach is always to:

  • Look at the question,
  • Read the argument,
  • Evaluate the evidence, and
  • Formulate a judgement

The project includes China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI), announced in 2013, but is not restricted to it. The New Silk Road project covers the whole range of national and regional developments, including those that  preceded the BRI announcement or have coexisted alongside its execution. At present, the New Silk Road project connects 750 academics and researchers from around the world.

It is based at the International Institute for Asian Studies (Leiden)